Our qualified team of translators.
The translations are made by the qualified and professional translators.


The translations are made by the qualified and professional translators. Translation of the texts in any subject in pages.


Written translation

The translations in pages are divided into some parts.
1) Legal translation (contracts, business plans, resolutions, decisions, charters, and etc.)
2) Medical translation (Medical certificate, Diagnosis, analysis, prescriptions, medicine instruction on preparations, medical history, medical equipments)
3) Technical translation (technical booklets, field of construction, energetics, technical drafts, equipments, instructions, and etc.)
4) Advertising translation (translation of sites, services, activity, daily Works done, and etc.)


Consecutive oral interpretation

During the consecutive interpretation the interpreter interprets the speaker’s conclusion to the target language waiting for ending of the opinion


Simultaneous interpretation

This type of translation is proper especially for the great events held with the participation of many people, for example, the international conferences, international meetings of high level, and etc. Simultaneous interpretation is the most difficult and responsible type of translation. The special equipment is required for his type of interpretation.



One of the most important requirements of the guides’ work is an ability of making the positive, alive communication. Our guide-translators conduct the excursion in your native language. They visit the places of interests with the tourists and share the historical facts with them. Our guides combine the high level translation, excursion, leadership and even their psychological abilities.



Main translation subjects

Translation of financial/economic documents
Tax and financial documents, reports and analytics, auditor opinions, invoices, description of investment drafts, economic reviews, researches, bank analytics.
Translation of technical texts, instruction and documents
Instruction on exploitation, assembly documents, technical standards and instructions, specifications, technical passports, service instructions, documents on technical service, patent documents, user instruction, project documents, draughts.
Translation of contracts and other legal documents
Foundation and registration documents, contracts, treaties, codes, power of attorneys, patents, certificates, laws and legal acts, judicial decisions, notice of appeals, claims, legal opinions.
Translation of medical and pharmaceutical documents
Medical equipment and PT documents, medical opinions, results of inspection, extracts, certificates, clinical and pre-clinical research methods, research materials, certificates of medical devices, documents, patents on preparation.
Translation of business/ commercial documents.
Promo-materials, presentations, booklets, press-releases, exhibition materials, texts for sites.
Contracts, treaties, agreements, acts, constituting documents (charters), tender documents and applications, business-plans, and investment documents.
Translation of scientific documents.
Research works in different fields of science (for example, ecology, geology, nature use) annotations, test, analysis, documents on research results, the certificates of acceptance.

We realize the translation in professional level the translation of the texts in:

• finance/ economy
• technical and IT
• legal
• medicine/pharmaceutics
• commerce/marketing
• business/diplomatic
• scientific subjects.

Each subject group includes the texts narrower in specific areas. You do not need to specify exactly the subject in order to offer the translation. Simply send us the text, and we’ll translate it. The translators qualified for many years in these fields work on text. We do not work with the inexperienced translator. The editors with the successful thematic experience of translation control the work quality. The text correction and editing of the text in some projects are realized by the native speakers. In case of necessity the project manager involves the specialist specialized in the definite field. Translation Memory basis provide the exactness and monotony of the terminology and style. We collect the terminological basis on all translation fields, glossary on common basis and corporate customers as well. The thematical translations are our standard practice. Every great specialized translation is a rush job requiring limitless effort for some translation centres. Every month we realize such projects more than 70 every month.


• “Super”. The quality that is especially critical, and the cases when the mistakes cost dear. These are the imaging materials and specialized documents requiring the conformity to the field, norm and standards. We involve the work only the highly qualified translators and editors who have years of specialized experience in the field required. The translation into foreign language is always realized by the native speakers.
• “Business”. It is the wide spread translation variant of business, legal document and publicistic materials. We involve the work the professional translator, corrector and editor/ art editor.
• We compile and design the document and materials.
• We realize the notarization of the documents.

Cooperation principles with corporate companies

First of all the document of the customer to be translated is valued. The calculation of the translation on pages is carried out with 300 words under “Microsoft Word” format. The customer is informed about the price and time of completion after the valuation of translation. The payment may be made in cash or through bank transfer on the basis of the contract. Orders reception (Microsoft Word, power Point, excel, acrobat Reader, corel DRAW, photoshop, html, AutoCad, adobe illustrator, pneNote, and etc.) is realized electronically or in print format. Our main aim is to deliver the translation quickly and qualitatively to the customer who believes us.

Projects translation

It is required to translate into a foreign language any business project in order to submit it to the foreign investors. Any inconformity in the translation may cause the non-approval of the project. So, the translation of such projects is made by the specialized translators with many years of experience. The editing after the translation increases the quality of the translation. Our centre is ready with our professional translators to realize such offers.


We are the professionals of our work!


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